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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

Explicit Content [+2 Points]

Any content that is considered unacceptable by the general public. This includes but not limited to Gory/graphic images of families, or children, and Pornography.

Offensive Language or Content [+2 Points]

Any content that may offend a race, religion, or a member of the community.

Spam [+2 Points]

Posting short sentences or short words on a post or multiple posts.

Topic Bumping/Replying to other members report [+2 Points]

Replying to another members report which has no sort of involvement related to you.

Harassment [+5 Points]

Excessively targeting a player or staff member. Excessively messaging a player or staff member.

Trolling [+2 Points]

Replies to a topic that has nothing to do with the continuation of the topic itself.

Re-posting a Closed Ban Appeal [+1 Points]

Re-posting of a closed or solved ban appeal where the decision has already been made in attempts to get a different outcome.

Re-posting a Closed Player Report [+1 Points]

Re-posting a player report that has already been resolved or closed for a different outcome or action.

Plagiarism [+1 Points]

Copying someone else's words and using them as your own to benefit yourself.

Promoting Illegal Activity [+5 Points]

Promoting hacks, and any type of criminal act.

Disclosing Private or Personal Information [+10 Points]

Posting or messaging others to disclose private or personal information about another member of the community.

Server Advertising [+20 Points]

Releasing or discussing other communities as well as posting IP addresses or links.

Creating Accounts to Break Rules [+10 Points]

Making forum accounts to break forum rules.

Ban Evading [+5 Points (added to main account.)]

Creating a forum account to use after being banned from the forums.

Cyber Threats [+20 Points]

Any type of cyber threat such as DDOS'ing will be taken seriously. We do not joke when it comes to cyber threats and attacks.

Forum Warning Point System

5 Active Points = 1 Month Ban

10 Active Points = 3 Month Ban

20 Active Points = Permanent Ban



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