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  1. Ban period already expired.
  2. Ban has been already removed.
  3. Request Approved. You will be compensated with 1x Pump Shotgun. Contact any staff member in-game to receive your compensation.
  4. Ban period already expired.
  5. Unabled to provide correct Hex ID
  6. Denied. Submit ban appeal again with some more explanation.
  7. Request Denied. Spamming Ban Appeals. Kindly submit ban appeal again.
  8. Noman

    Ban Appeal - Cizy

    Unable to provide correct hex ID
  9. Noman

    Ban Appeal - Nasty

    Your ban has already been lifted. But try to not repeat this mistake in future
  10. Ban period has been already expired.
  11. You have been Blacklisted from EMS Department, not banned from server. Kindly refrain from posting ban appeals.
  12. Request Accepted. You will be compensated the following item: 5x Gold bars Contact any mod ingame to get your compensation.
  13. Your compensation request is under review.
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