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Doctor Burgerstein (safe the formula)

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The secrect Formula from the Lab has been stolen by Doctor Burgerstein who is an agent of enemy country . He is heading towards airport at 7Pm . He is armed and have his private guards with him and also he has his private jet . Whoever catch Doctor Burgerstein (Dead/alive) and take those formula  will win a Prize amount from the Government  . Make sure all of his guards will open fire 🔥 on You .You have to catch him before the Plane Flies ...

Its an idea ...Aage sab admins apne hisaab se set kar len .. kyn ke koo bara event nhi hoa...

Sorry for tagging so many members because phele bhi event idea dala tha par kese ne dekha nhi ...

@Ghosta @papi @Tareen @PulsePK @Sa7Teen 

@sky4378 @MarshaI @firecsa @sHAKA

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