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Changelog 14-Aug-2020

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  • Custom Clothing
    - Added a large variety of custom clothes, available at the clothing shop.
  • Custom Hairstyles
    Added a number custom hairstyles, available at the barber shop.
  • Custom Accessories
    - Added a number of custom accessories, available at the clothing shop.
  • Radar System
    Added a police radar system through which they can find out vehicle speeds and vehicle number plates.
  • Loading screen
    Added a new Loading screen with an interactable UI through which players can get information about Changelog or Updates etc.


  • House Robbery
     Disabled the current House Robbery system as it offered too many bug exploits. A new system will be worked on and implemented eventually.
  • Blips
    Removed player blips on minimap for all players and factions.
  • Illegal shop
    Removed Handcuffs and Thermite from the Illegal shop, they will now be sold by the Taxi faction within roleplay along with all the Security cards required for Bank robberies as well as some of the better weapons.
  • Looting dead bodies
    Disabled looting dead bodies for the time being until it gets revamped and becomes a lot less glitch.


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