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  1. ProjectX Roleplay: Roleplay Guide This server-guide will teach all players the basics of roleplay and aim players to roleplay success. This entire guide is based off the latest rules. As new rules are modified and created, this roleplay guide will be updated. In the event that a new rule is released and said rule contradicts anything stated in this roleplay guide, roleplay by what the rules says. What is Roleplay? Roleplaying is acting out or performing scenarios that may happen in the perspective of a make-believe person or character. In ProjectX, the roleplay opportunities are endless. You can roleplay as a police officer, gangster, news anchor, and more! There are some limitations, but these limitations are in place to ensure the roleplay experience for everyone is the best that it can be. Some of these limitations include roleplaying as terrorists, gods, or superheroes (but not limited to). Before joining the game, put some thought into the character(s) you will be roleplaying. Think about their background, family life, education, social group, age, race, and personality type. When choosing a name for your character, ensure the name does not mock the name of a popular fictional character or famous person. Character names should also not be intentional joke names. (Ex. Laddan Jafri, Waqar Zaka, Big Boss, First Last, etc.) Understanding Roleplay A lot of players tend to forget the actual meaning of roleplay which is not to grind or to show other people your power but it's all about telling great stories. While playing in any roleplay server you need to act like you are an actual person in game living a life like anyone would in the real world. Now you might be wondering how can you achieve that then the answer for that is by following and keeping in mind the following points at all times while in the server. 1) A detailed backstory : You need to have a backstory of you character in your mind at all times when playing so whenever someone asks you to tell them about yourself. You can actually tell them an interesting background of your character. You have to make up a backstory yourself and stick with it. Making a backstory of your character requires creativity and roleplay itself is all about creativity so take your time and think. Then implement that story to your character in a way that amuses people. 2) Creative mind : Roleplay is all about creativity so unless you're creative. You won't be able to have fun. 3) Good sport : You must understand that roleplay is not about winning and accept your defeat given the situation. 4) Server rules : Some rules have been set in place to make sure people don't exceed the boundaries which come with the experience. Ignoring these rules will result in you getting punished by staff. You need to roleplay your character realistically at all times. This applies to the way you react to situations and other characters, the way you drive, etc. If in doubt, ask yourself what you would do if you were in your character’s situation. Your character must also value their life and exhibit fear for their life when appropriate. All players are required to use a microphone in game. If you do not have a mic you will be kicked from the server. If you are having any difficulties with the in-game voice chat feature, contact a member of staff and they will assist you. Grinding Grinding is something that is important but it can affect your roleplay experience if done extensively. There are multiple ways to make money in the server. You do legal grinding with a small payout and less risks or you can do illegal grinding which has a big payout with a lot of risks. You should always make sure that grinding or making money does not come in the way of your roleplay because once you start caring about only money. Your roleplay starts to go downhill. Grinding for money can also be risky if done alone because of the gangs and robbers that are present in the server. You should consider doing jobs with friends, being armed with a weapon is also good. New players often face a problem where they keep getting robbed repeatedly. The trick to evade this is to avoid direct roads to your destination while doing runs, use roads that are remote and where no one would think of going to, Sure it will take more time but the risk probability goes down largely. Try to think like a robber when trying to evade one. Common Roleplay Terms In-Character: IC stands for in-character. If you are in-game and using voice-chat or in-character text chat, you must roleplay the thoughts, feelings, and personality of your character at all times. You should never talk about your real life in voice-chat or in-character text chat under any circumstances. There are many commands to assist you in roleplaying. These commands include but are not limited to /me, /tweet. (Descriptions and uses of in-character and roleplay commands will be explained below.) Never use symbols, abbreviations or emojis in in-character chat. You should treat written chat as you would voice chat. Out-Of-Character: OOC stands for out-of-character. Out-Of-Character is any required communications between players. Whenever in-game, you can't go out-of-character unless an admin pauses the situation, continue your roleplay even if the other person is breaking a rules, just report it on the forums after wards. Non-Roleplay: Non-roleplay is a term used to describe unrealistic events or actions that hurt the roleplay experience of others or are unrealistic. A common example of this would be using a sport or super-car to ram other vehicles. This is considered non-roleplay/VDM because this is a very unrealistic action. Roleplay is meant to be as realistic as possible. Another example would be to spawn a vehicle from the trucker job, only to use that vehicle to commit crimes and not use the vehicle for the actual job. Metagaming: Metagaming can be a term used to describe many different things. A common definition of this term is using out-of-character information to your in-character advantage. Some of the examples of metagaming are: talking OOCly in VOIP, relaying your location to a player via discord as you're being robbed. Let’s say you are told that your friend was arrested for a charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance via discord. Your character would not know this information as you were informed of this on an OOC medium. Even suggesting to someone else in-game that your friend was arrested could be considered metagaming. Powergaming: Powergaming is a term that describes performing unrealistic roleplay or forcing roleplay on others without giving them the opportunity to resist or give a response. All in all, it means not letting/giving the other person a chance to roleplay with you and enforcing your own agenda. Random Deathmatching (RDM): Random Deathmatching is the act of killing or attacking other players without having a valid in character reason to do so. There’s different categories of random deathmatching: >Mercy Killing: Mercy-Killing is a form of deathmatching and non-roleplay that describes when a player attacks or kills another player who is injured in order to expedite their death process. This can result in a deathmatching classed punishment. If the player being killed asks to be killed (OOCly or ICly), the player asking to be killed is breaching the non-roleplay rule. >Revenge Killing: Not only does Revenge Killing break the New Life Rule(NLR will be discussed after this), it also breaks the Random Deathmatching rule too. Revenge Killing is a term that describes a player that kills another player simply because they’ve killed them before. With the New Life Rule in effect, your character will lose all memory of the events leading up to their death, including the identity of the killer and the fact that the killer killed them in the first place. Vehicle Deathmatching(VDM): Vehicle Deathmatching is a term used to describe a form a deathmatching in-which a vehicle is used as a weapon or using a vehicle as a weapon. An example of this would be using a vehicle to ram into a police officer simply because they are a police officer. Using a vehicle as a weapon is not allowed in any situation what so ever. Kill on Sight (KOS): Kill on Sight is a term used to describe a roleplay scenario in-which you just kill or attack a player without performing any sort of roleplay. Kill on Sight is only permitted in RDM Zones which include the cocaine labs laboratory, weed farm etc. FearRP (Fear Roleplay): Fear role play is the concept of role playing fear for your character’s safety and life. New Life Rule: The New Life Rule (NLR) states that once you have died, your character forgets all of the events leading up to their death including the identity of their killer or reason of death. The New Life Rule also states that all players should avoid roleplay with each other in the event a death of a relative or friend occurs and that after you have died, you must wait at least thirty (30) minutes before returning to the area of your death (unless you're a government faction member who was killed at your headquarters and the situation isn't active anymore, in case the situation is active, the government official shall wait) or interacting with the players involved in your death. A player may not attempt to retrieve stolen assets after they have died (including government faction members.) Combat Logging: Combat Logging, is a term that is used to refer to those players that log off off or go AFK during active roleplay. If your game crashes, you must return to the game as soon as possible and inform the players you were roleplaying with that you are experiencing issues. If you are unable to contact the players involved in the roleplay scenario occurring before your crash, gather evidence to prove you are actually experiencing issues preventing you from returning and contacting members involved in case you are reported. Green Zones: A Green Zone is a term and rule used to describe “safe-zones” or zones in the server where your weapons & fist is disabled by default. You cannot commit a crime within 100 meters of a green zone. The following list of locations are some places that are green zones: Hospital. All car dealers. All mechanic shops. etc Police Station: You cannot kidnap or initiate on a police officer in or near the police station unless your gang member is in the custody of police and is inside the police station. Roleplay Commands /me: These group of four commands are all used to describe actions or things that are happening to your character. /me will show up in the text-box, located on your body (while in-game). Examples of valid /me: /me takes a pair of handcuffs off of his duty belt and attempts to handcuff him. /me offers the man a warm and inviting smile. Character Interaction When interacting with other characters, you always want to do so in a good roleplay manner. Always follow the guidelines listed above. Next are a few, up to date, examples of common roleplay interactions. Meeting Someone New: When meeting another character, you never want to call them by their ID above their head. That is an out-of-character form of identification in order to track rule-breakers. To learn someone’s name, you must do so by roleplaying ICly. Below are a couple scenarios in-which a character is meeting another character that he/she has never met before. Proper Meeting Scenario Person 1 says: Hello, sir! How are you? Person 2 says: I’m good, ma’am, how about you? Person 1 says: Oh just wonderful! Say, I don’t believe we have met, what is your name, sir? Person 2 says: My name is Michael, ma’am… and you? Person 1 says: My name is Vera, pleasure to meet you. Improper Meeting Scenario Person 1 says: Haan id 43 baat suno robbery kartay hain. <- That is improper because it is not very realistic for people to just go around asking other people to do robberies by addressing from their IDs. Abusing IC: Your character is not allowed to abuse/cuss other players in character, expect to be punished accordingly. If you get reported, you'll be punished. Everyone needs to treat each other with mutual respect on this server. Being Pulled Over: If caught speeding or running a red light, you risk being pulled over by (an) officer(s) of the Los Santos Police Department. During a traffic stop scenario, you must maintain a good roleplay standard. Your character is not allowed to bait police into pulling them over as this breaks a server rule. If you have nothing to hide during a traffic stop, it’s not best to tell them you have a bunch of drugs in the car, if you don’t, same goes for any other false remark like that. Players often like to argue with officers on an out-of-character medium due to officer mistakes or disagreements. Please remember this is a game and everything said or done In Characterly must stay In Character and not leak into the OOC realm of the community. Medic Interactions: If you ever need medical attention, message Ambulance on your phone and send your location. Try being descriptive when telling the medic what your problem is, and keep your description in character. Saying you are dying is wrong, as you technically don’t die, just black out. Saying you are injured is good enough. If your pulse is "0" then the medic will take you to the hospital, after being transported to the hospital, thank your medic and don’t hang around the hospital drop off area. Mechanic Interactions: If your car is in need of some modifications or repairs, you can head down to one of the mechanic shops in town. Park up in the area indicated to you, and wait for a mechanic to come over to you. When they ask you what they can help you with, be a bit descriptive in what you want. If you want a repair, tell them you want to get your car repaired. If you want a visual, let the mechanic get in your car to double check your order. Accept the invoice they send you with F7, pay the invoice and wait patiently as your car is undergoing service. Strike a conversation with others, or read the RP of the mechanic. When finished, thank your mechanic and drive off again! Gang Interactions: Naturally, a person in a group of people will feel invincible as long as he remains close to that group of people. If you are challenged by a gang, it is recommended that you don’t try to pull off a Rambo as this will cause other players to frown upon you in the future. Whether you’re a cop, civilian, government faction employee, or another gang member being challenged by a large group of people, you should try to act intimidated to maintain a good roleplay standard and roleplay "Fear RP". Robberies: In the event you are being robbed by (a) person(s), you should always act scared and obey their commands, if a gun is being pointed to you within close range, to obey the Fear Roleplay rule. If you are able to wiggle yourself out of a certain situation WITH proper roleplay, feel free to do so. Otherwise, it’s best to just give the robbers what they want. Criminal Roleplay Criminal Roleplay is probably the most popular form of roleplay on ProjectX Roleplay. There are many commands to assist you in performing Criminal Roleplay, they are listed on our official Commands List. Always ensure to follow the ProjectX Roleplay Server Guidelines & Rules when performing criminal roleplay to ensure everyone has a fun and pleasant experience during this roleplay, especially the victims of the crimes. Government Faction Employee Roleplay If you are on-duty as a Government Faction Employee, you must never go AFK for more than 5 minutes, use a macro to make money, or perform Criminal Roleplay where there are severe law breaches. Doing so can result in you getting removed from the faction, or even admin punishment. You may not commit crimes while on faction duty, and you may not utilize work vehicles for anything other than your work duties. Important Notes In this server, you will encounter amazing roleplayers, and you will encounter bad roleplayers, and some may have bad, or even malicious intents. If you ever encounter rule-breakers, you are always encouraged to report these players either via /report ingame or via a forum report. Roleplaying is supposed to be fun and we know that fun can be drawn out by roleplayers, or even those that constantly complain via out-of-character chats about the way you roleplay. OOC should always be a last resort, as it can break up the roleplay heavily. Treat your character like a real life human being. This means that you should show people and property the same amount of respect you would in real life. This also means that you should value your life, and do your best to get injured as little as possible. By treating yourself and your surroundings with respect, you’ll have less to spend less time waiting on medics and repairs, and have more times to roleplay. Starting out can be a bit awkward, and you’ll have to look around to figure out what the best paid jobs and hotspots are. The more exploring you do yourself, the quicker you’ll be acquainted with the city. Don’t hesitate to reach out to other players and ask for help! If you ask nicely, there will be plenty of players willing to point you in the right directions. Be creative with your roleplay! You don’t have to describe every action in full detail but if you can then it allows for the development of a creative roleplay scenario. Make your character interesting so that others can enjoy your roleplay and to help influence others to roleplay creatively too. Things like putting on your seatbelt in /me can help spice up your RP with little effort. If you ever encounter a new player or someone who does not roleplay correctly, always try to help them out. Don’t threaten them with reports or other sorts of threats, constructive criticism is key. Try to help them out in some of our out-of-character chats to influence them to become better roleplayers. We were all new to the server at some point, and not everybody has the same learning curve. Be gentle and patient with your fellow players! Conclusion Hopefully, you’ve learned something through this updated roleplay guide! If you ever have any questions or would like some help in-game with roleplaying, don’t be afraid to reach out to the ProjectX Staff team! We have many different ways of contacting staff including but not limited to: our help-desk in the discord server,our help-desk in the team speak server or our /report command in-game. Remember to read the official rules to understand absolutely there is to know about: Server Rules Updated 03/06/2020
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    Forum Rules

    Forum Rules Explicit Content [+2 Points] Any content that is considered unacceptable by the general public. This includes but not limited to Gory/graphic images of families, or children, and Pornography. Offensive Language or Content [+2 Points] Any content that may offend a race, religion, or a member of the community. Spam [+2 Points] Posting short sentences or short words on a post or multiple posts. Topic Bumping/Replying to other members report [+2 Points] Replying to another members report which has no sort of involvement related to you. Harassment [+5 Points] Excessively targeting a player or staff member. Excessively messaging a player or staff member. Trolling [+2 Points] Replies to a topic that has nothing to do with the continuation of the topic itself. Re-posting a Closed Ban Appeal [+1 Points] Re-posting of a closed or solved ban appeal where the decision has already been made in attempts to get a different outcome. Re-posting a Closed Player Report [+1 Points] Re-posting a player report that has already been resolved or closed for a different outcome or action. Plagiarism [+1 Points] Copying someone else's words and using them as your own to benefit yourself. Promoting Illegal Activity [+5 Points] Promoting hacks, and any type of criminal act. Disclosing Private or Personal Information [+10 Points] Posting or messaging others to disclose private or personal information about another member of the community. Server Advertising [+20 Points] Releasing or discussing other communities as well as posting IP addresses or links. Creating Accounts to Break Rules [+10 Points] Making forum accounts to break forum rules. Ban Evading [+5 Points (added to main account.)] Creating a forum account to use after being banned from the forums. Cyber Threats [+20 Points] Any type of cyber threat such as DDOS'ing will be taken seriously. We do not joke when it comes to cyber threats and attacks. Forum Warning Point System 5 Active Points = 1 Month Ban 10 Active Points = 3 Month Ban 20 Active Points = Permanent Ban
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    Server Rules

    General Rules Last updated 23/8/2020 You’re Obliged to respect Administration Staff & Moderators by all means Due to their efforts for the free friendly gaming environment in Pakistan and India. Be respectful to all players out-of-character. Harassment of minorities of the community such as female gamers, non-muslims etc is strictly prohibited. OOC chat is only for queries to out of role-play related issues. No Spamming in OOC (Check Metagaming for more). Don’t leak any personal information in game, Any misuse of personal data is not a concern for Respected staff of Project X Do not take Whitelisted Jobs, Posts and Adminship for granted. Any threat to server or any of it’s players will be taken seriously and will be dealt strictly. On duty EMS (Medics) cannot be taken as hostage, Anyone found doing so will be Blacklisted from ever joining the EMS. They will be added to the EMS Blacklist and never be revived again. You may never steal EMS (Medics) vehicles, EMS needs their ambulances to get to locations faster and you stealing their ambulances just makes it hard for them. Please make sure you have a working and clear microphone for roleplay. Trolling in any way is not allowed. You are allowed to have fun while role-playing but if your fun negatively affects others then you can be subjected to punishment. You cannot make afriend hostage for a robbery. You must not abuse your in-game microphone to annoy others. Playing music or shouting can ruin others’ role play experiences and is not allowed. Use of voice changers is also not allowed and will result in first time warnings leading to severe punishments. You are required to speak Urdu/Hindi/English fluently in order to be able to role-play with each other effectively. Acting in a toxic, discriminatory, racist, inappropriate, offensive or spiteful manner may result in a permanent ban. Phrases such as "bc , mkc" also fall under this rule. If you face somebody breaking rules in-game, you are not to retaliate by breaking rules or acting in a rude manner to get them to stop. Player or gang names are not allowed to be offensive to others, nor can they be associated with any illegal groups or persons that can or will offend anybody. Examples of this are real-life terrorist organizations, religious groups and other controversial subjects. Use your common sense for this. All gangs and members who break this rule will be forced to change name(s) and may also face punishment. You may not sell or trade any in-game content for any form of payment outside of the game. Both buyer and seller will be banned. If you do want to sell in-game items you may do so for in-game payments. You can't force someone ingame to tweet,OOC or any other way through chat for anything you want them to say. Global announcements(i.e tweets) must only contain realistic IC content and must not be offensive IC/OOC. Players may not go to a Safe Zone after engaging in criminal activity resulting in an ongoing chase. Server Rules Section 1 Meta Gaming Utilizing out of character knowledge for personal in character benefit which your character is not supposed to be aware of meta-gaming. Using the OOC Chat to share tactical information about ones Location, Occupation etc, for other users to take advantage over others is not allowed. Using the player unique ID to find out a players name for your own advantage is also not allowed. You are not allowed to get knowledge from out of game sources to use it as an advantage in-game. Stream sniping is considered meta-gaming will result in a permanent ban. If you are dead you may not use the OOC &amp; Voice chat to call for help. Power Gaming Forcing players into narrow scenarios by giving them no means to expand their own role-play. Examples may be, but are not limited to – controlling aspects of the server not allowing others to role play in those locations. Forcing players who you are robbing to give up and transfer all funds from their bank, closing all doors of role play by forcing your personal agenda. Implanting false rules in a situation just to win over some personal agenda. Forcefully, taking over situations just to proclaim your personal advantages over some win situations. Leaving someone in a far away place after kidnapping them is considered as power gaming. Do not leave the player stranded in a remote location. New Life Rule ( NLR ) The new life rule is triggered whenever a player’s character spawns at a hospital. Players cannot force their own death. The deceased character loses memory of their death, the events that caused it and the information collected in that time frame. Example: A player is killed in a robbery. The player’s knowledge of the robbery, the robber and their death is not usable by the player in their new life. All parties involved must avoid interaction with each other for 30 minutes. A player must not return to the area of their death for that time frame or attempt to retrieve lost possessions from involved players. Official faction members may return to their HQ and resume faction duties but must abide by the NLR rules in all other ways. Cop Baiting Cop baiting is engaging cops into a chase or active situation without any solid reason in RP. It's things like bashing a police car, firing or parading illegal weapons for no reason, and so on. Erotic Role play (ERP) Erotic role play (ERP) means any kind of sexual actions being done in character to another person(Sex,sexual assault etc.). This kind of role play is strictly prohibited and whoever is found doing it will be given a long ban. This also applies verbally. Do not joke or mock sexual harassment. We do not tolerate this behavior and anyone found doing this will be immediately banned. Section 2 Random Death Match/Revenge Random Death Match Any injury or kill without role-play leading up to it will be classified as a RDM offense and is highly punishable and can lead to permanent ban. Killing someone even if they follow all your commands is classified as RDM. Revenge killing &amp; rage killing also falls under RDM. Killing NPC Bots is considered as RDM and will result in a ban. Vehicle Death Match Any injury or kill by vehicle without role-play is classified as VDM offense and is highly punishable and can lead to permanent ban. Using any mean of transport to kill someone even if they're following your commands is classified as VDM. Ramming into someone else's vehicle without a reason is considered VDM. If vehicle A unintentionally rams into vehicle B then vehicle B can shoot at vehicle A but vehicle A cannot do the same until vehicle B fires the first shot. Fail RP Players should not do things that are unrealistic or simply not feasible. Do not do things that you would not do in the real world. Fail RP is categorized in many forms. Fear Role play (FRP) Fear role play is the concept of role playing fear for your character’s safety and life. Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range. • When you’re in a vehicle that is stalled or stationary and a weapon is aimed at you close range. • When the attacker lowers their weapon to check your inventory or roleplay, your life remains in direct danger. • Driving a vehicle in an active shootout more than once without the intent of protecting a friend, fleeing with it, or using it as cover. • Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is NOT considered to be in direct danger: • When you are in a car which engine is not stalled. • When you have a firearm drawn and are facing the other person before they attack. • When the attacker’s view is obstructed by an object or when they turn their back on you. As a victim, whose life is in direct danger: • You must display reasonable value for your life and comply with the demands of your attacker. • You cannot call 911 or call your friends or allies to aid you. Revenge RP Revenge RP is considered to be taking revenge of certain event that took place in past. This is highly restricted. You cannot take revenge of any situation which you lost. For example (but not limited to) A gang loses a fight and everyone dies, They then re spawn and then make a plan to take revenge from the opposite party even if you have lost the situation. IC & OOC Interactions Players are required to remain in-character (IC) at all times. /ad,/tweet, VOIP, phone and commands like /me are to be used only for IC content. OOC chat can be used by /ooc command and no IC information should be passed through that chat. OOC videos or screenshots can be used as IC evidence only if the footage contains the character using the phone’s camera phone in their hand. The IC chat is the twitter , command : /tweet (message) Only administrators are allowed force pause RP or investigate rule breaches. Only administrators are allowed to void role play scenarios at their discretion. Players are welcome to voice their opinion but should never disobey administrators. /report does not pause role play unless an admin does so. Section 3 Initiation Before taking action on a player you must have a valid role-play reason behind it. If you have intentions of killing someone you must make it clear, just pointing a gun and saying some kind words is not a threat to most. Try to add some emotions (after all its a role-play community). You can ONLY initiate by speaking through voice chat. You CAN NOT initiate from a helicopter. If a helicopter is hovering over you or following you for more than 90 seconds you may take it as initiation and shoot at the helicopter. However only the pilot and passengers of the Helicopter may shoot back. Other gang members of the helicopter who are on ground must initiate verbally. You CAN NOT initiate on Police by sending a police dispatch. If a player has been downed in a gun fight. He may not rejoin the fight after he is revived, He is obligated to leave the situation or continue role-play. If a player is not part of an established gang or white-listed faction the player must initiate for himself. Every gang has to initiate role-play for themselves, getting involved in a gun fight requires initiation. If you are not in a white-listed gang your friends must individually initiate role-play. You can not verbally initiate while sitting in a moving car because of the voice bug. When you think that the chase is coming to an end you should get out of your vehicle and verbally initiate with the cops. Same goes for rebels vs rebels. Now only 8 rebels can be present at a bank robbery and 9 police officers can respond to it. You are allowed to have alliances with a gang at rdm zones but there can only be 8 members of each gang present there. There is no limit for police officers while responding to RDM zones. If someone dies from the rebel side in a situation no one else can replace him. Rebels and Cops will now both have to verbally initiate before starting a combat situation. Cops can no longer shoot anyone from whom they feel threatened. They should now abide to the moto to protect & to serve. At a bank robbery rebels cannot start code red without giving a proper threat to the officers. An example could be that the rebel says "officer you have 20 seconds to leave the area or else you will be shot dead. This Rule only applies to banks situations only. During a chase cops can no longer shoot the tires of the suspects vehicle. They now have to utilize spikes and only 4 spikes are allowed during a situation. Section 4 Green Zones We have disabled the use of guns and melee in green zones by default. VDM/RDM in a green zone may result to a imediate ban. You are responsible to drive carefully through these zones. You are not allowed to kidnap or rob anyone in or near a Green zone. You are not allowed to take someone hostage in or near a Green zone. You are not allowed to take someone hostage in the vicinity of green zone ( Distance is applicable here : Which is of 100m ). You are not allowed to get purposely AFK in Safe zones. You are not allowed run to safe zones just to avoid situations. Police Stations These are safe zones only for Police. You may not initiate on Police while they are in or around the Police stations, under certain conditions. Gang members may shoot upon Police within the Police station and its vicinity, if Police have one of their gang members in custody. Players may shoot upon Police within the Police station and its vicinity, if initiation has taken place outside of this area and the Police have fled into the Police Station for a tactical advantage. If no prior initiation has taken place outside of the Police Station, then you may not threaten any Police officer in that area. Code Red Zones These zones are marked on the map with red circles. These zones are shoot on site zones for the Gang that is involved in the robbery and the Police force, unless role-playing intentions were made clear before. Code Red only applies for the gang and Police involved in the robbery. Your gang may not get involved in an already on going Code Red situation if you were not part of it from the beginning without initiation. If you are not involved in a Code Red situation then you must leave the area immediately, If you are RDM'ed within a Code Red Zones then its solely your own fault and failure to value your life. Robbers may only hide/camp inside the Code Red circle. RDM Zones These zones are highlighted on the map, depending on which gang has the most influence in the area, the color representing the gang will show. People inside this these zones can shoot at and kill everyone inside the zone without any initiation, additionally you may only shoot at people outside the zone if you or your gang is already fighting with one of their members inside the zone or have seen him or his gang leave the zone and have made it clear that you are following him or them. You can not shoot at people that are inside the zone while you are outside of the zone unless your gang member(s) are already fighting inside the zone. These zones are located only at the cocaine processing, meth processing and weed processing. All other server rules apply in the zone, for example you can not VDM people inside and outside the zone. Section 5 Vehicle Responsibility No vehicles should be operated inside of a building (Safe zones). They must be purely used on realism grounds and with common sense. You are not allowed to store your vehicle when you are being chased by someone who has intentions to try to rob you. You are not allowed to drop your vehicle in water just so others cannot loot/confiscate its contents, this is considered as Combat storing and is a bannable offense. Drive responsibly at all times unless you have adequate reasoning to do otherwise. Driving at speed is not the issue here but excessively passing through traffic and traffic lights is. Drifting around onto wrong lanes is also not acceptable. Attempts at stopping at traffic lights, obeying speed limits, driving in the correct lane, etc, should be made, especially in high population areas. No one is allowed to bring their cars to a robbery. You have to steal someone’s car within roleplay by stealing it. If someone gives their car to their friend for a robbery, they should keep in mind that if they are caught their car will be deleted and they will no longer have access to it. This rule stands until the crusher is brought.
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