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  1. In-game name : [Khaddim] parry Steam hex ID : 110000135fb325d (Hex) Your age : 18 Country and Time zone : Pakistan Gender : male How many hours have you played on Project X as a member of the LSPD? : 500+ What was your last rank in the LSPD? : None Have you ever had an admin punishment with this, or any character on ProjectX? If yes, please explain: : No What experience do you have that could be valuable to the department? (Minimum 75 Words) : I am good in driving heli,my driving is very nice my aim is pretty decent I have good communication skills I am good in rp.I know how to handle situations and I have good tactics I always take my job seriously What would you say is the most valuable trait that you possess? Please explain how that could benefit the LSSD (75 Words) : I am regular, I will always listen to my seniors.I am good in leading I have good driving skills so I can check criminal and I will always ready for any kind of situation.I am not toxic I have sharp mind What core appointments have you held in the LSPD? (If any) : no By posting this application I agree by the terms of use of my data by the LSSD. I understand that not fulfilling my application process can lead to me being blacklisted from the LSSD. : Yes
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