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  1. In-game name : [Hitman] Beasty- Steam hex ID : 11000010dcacbf5 (Hex) Your age : 17 Country and Time zone : Islamabad GMT+5 Gender : Male How many hours have you played on Project X as a member of the LSPD? : 26 Hours What was your last rank in the LSPD? : Cadet Have you ever had an admin punishment with this, or any character on ProjectX? If yes, please explain: : Yes i Had a punishment for leaving a game in situation. What experience do you have that could be valuable to the department? (Minimum 75 Words) : First of all i respect my seniors and follow every order they give. I have good TeamWork and Communication and iam always polite to everyone. I will adapt the enviroment quickly and if you pick me you will never regret it I will be Unique from all others. I assure you that I have the zeal to give 100% towards my work & bring a noteworthy contribution to this team. What would you say is the most valuable trait that you possess? Please explain how that could benefit the LSSD (75 Words) : I can do very good RP and iam very respectful to all members also i can be a very good team players Motivate everyone and i will keep learning till the end What core appointments have you held in the LSPD? (If any) : I did good Rp with the Criminals. By posting this application I agree by the terms of use of my data by the LSSD. I understand that not fulfilling my application process can lead to me being blacklisted from the LSSD. : Yes
  2. Name Anas Ibrar Age 16 Why do you want to be a taxi driver? I lost my job so now i needed to do something because my family was suffering I tried to go in other faction but they rejected me. I thought that i should put my Driving skills in use and become a Professional driver so now i shifted from Pakistan to Los-Santos from the money that was left now Iam going to be Taxi Driver in Los-Santos i hope People will be satisfied by my Taxi Service. How long have you been roleplaying? 900+ Hours Do you have a driver's license? Yes , I have a Driving License i specially made it for My Taxii Even though iam really Poor .
  3. In-game name [Hitman] Beasty- Steam hex ID 11000010dcacbf5 (Hex) Date you were banned: 4/10/2003 Ban Duration 24hrs Name of staff member that banned you: SK Why do you tink you were banned I looted a medic. Why should we reconsider your ban: I personally applogized the medic itself also was going to give his things back. iam sorry that i didnt know the rule of not looting a medic i thougth it was allowed if u can unban me its well and good otherwise i have to accept my ban.
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