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  1. In-game name : Hashir Hassan Steam hex ID : 110000141856695 Your age : 16 Country and Time zone : Pakistan (GMT+5) Gender : Male How many hours have you played on Project X as a member of the LSPD? : 650+ but not as lspd What was your last rank in the LSPD? : No Rank Have you ever had an admin punishment with this, or any character on ProjectX? If yes, please explain: : Nope Never been Reported or Given a Ban. What experience do you have that could be valuable to the department? (Minimum 75 Words) : I have been playing in this server for a long time . I played as ems which help to improve my communication skills and experience different things and standerd. As a rebel i always lead my Gang . In Robbery Situations i escape easily because i set things with a proper mind set . I am a quick Decision maker and always read people plans through Conversation . I handles situation verbally . I always obey my Senior . I am good in leading fellows . I always wanted to learn and explore more . What would you say is the most valuable trait that you possess? Please explain how that could benefit the LSSD (75 Words) : I am an experienced player . I always handle situations verbally . I am a prefect driver which help in chasing situation . As above mentioned i always play with a proper mind set . I read people minds and their plans through Conversation . I have a good communication skill and want to experience more . What core appointments have you held in the LSPD? (If any) : Nope By posting this application I agree by the terms of use of my data by the LSSD. I understand that not fulfilling my application process can lead to me being blacklisted from the LSSD. : Yes
  2. Name Hashir Hassan Age 15 Why do you want to be a taxi driver? There are very few taxi drivers in terms of the population of the city, so the citizens face a lot of hardships. Therefore, I want to work as a taxi driver so that the suffering of the people can be reduced and people can reach their destination on time and easily. Thanks.... How long have you been roleplaying? 9 months (620+hours) Do you have a driver's license? Yes
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