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  1. Usman

    Hello sir,I was a whitelisted member of project x roleplay but due to a pc  virus my game got corrupted.I had the account of steam recovered and downloaded the game again,but now when i enter the server it says i'm not whitelisted.I don't know why.So can you help me enter the server again.I was whitelisted about two weeks ago.You can check my profile even it says im whitelisted but server dont recognize me.Its my humble request to you

    From Usman

    1. Dex


      Make sure that you are signed in on the same steam account, whitelisting has nothing to do your old computer files, so it should still work on the same steam account.

    2. haris333


      Yr bro project x ke discord ke server ka link bejo 


    3. Dex
  2. HLO 


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    2. BarakatKhawaja
    3. Hamza55





    4. AlyanRaza1223
  3. Hello bro






  4. Hi everyone


    Our respected Head Admin i know our gang is facing some reports over some RP and team speaks issue humary leader fendypro ne kuch new bandy add kr diye hai jinko abhi teamspeak ka b nhi pta aur wo gang mai apne hi mazy ly rehy hoty hai aur game mai kafi kuch galat rp ya aur rules b break krty hai apko to pta hi hai hum apni rp per sab se zayada focus krty hai ru fail rp to humy bilkul nhi pasand isliye mai pako ye application likh raha hu ke ager koi banda humari gang se in game hai aur teamspeaks per nhi baitha to use foren kick kr dy isliye ky wo rules break na kr paye hope ap isper tawaja fermaye gy.


    1. SubhanAzhar


      PLzz tell me how to play a game? I submit the application.

    2. BURAAQ0313


      whitelist application do aur phir interview ho ga server ke rules per amal krna zerori hai interview ke bad apko notification mil jaye ga ke ap white list ho gy o ya nhi  whitelist ho jany per ap khail pao gy



    3. SubhanAzhar


      Bro,application submit kara di hai.2 weeks ho gay hain koi interview nahi huwa naa hi notification aya hai.


  6. Implementations Custom Clothing - Added a large variety of custom clothes, available at the clothing shop. Custom Hairstyles - Added a number custom hairstyles, available at the barber shop. Custom Accessories - Added a number of custom accessories, available at the clothing shop. Radar System - Added a police radar system through which they can find out vehicle speeds and vehicle number plates. Loading screen - Added a new Loading screen with an interactable UI through which players can get information about Changelog or Updates etc. Changes House Robbery - Disabled the current House Robbery system as it offered too many bug exploits. A new system will be worked on and implemented eventually. Blips - Removed player blips on minimap for all players and factions. Illegal shop - Removed Handcuffs and Thermite from the Illegal shop, they will now be sold by the Taxi faction within roleplay along with all the Security cards required for Bank robberies as well as some of the better weapons. Looting dead bodies - Disabled looting dead bodies for the time being until it gets revamped and becomes a lot less glitch.
  7. sherry

    application kaise de koi bataye plz


    1. Centurion


      Idher se:

      Akhir mey "Submit Application" button press kerain

  8. Implementations Login Screen and Multi Characters - Added an entirely new and user friendly login screen with multi characters creation and selection screen. Changes EMS - Increased EMS reviving paycheck from 500 to 1000. - Added 'H' key which refreshes player tasks to deal with the 'invisible unconcious player' bug. - Added 'Repair Kits' to the dispensary. Shop Robbery - Decreased the 'Safe Locker' health during Shop robbery from 50% to 35%. Trucking Job - Temporarily disabled the trucking job till its completely fixed with even more jobs to carry out.
  9. Changes: Vehicle Prices: - Increased the prices of all low and mid tier vanilla vehicles by 100% to 150% to control the economy and sustain the growing inflation. Weights: - Revamped weights of most items. Players will carry most of the items with 1:1 ratio with the exception of some obvious items, such as weight of Armor cannot realistically be 1:1 so now it will take 10 weight off of the players weight capacity, similarly Safe locker takes 25 weight as its realistically heavy. - Vehicle inventory will now hold more items than before, An item weighed at 1 weight will now take 0.5 weight when in the trunk of any vehicle, just like the glovebox. Mechanic Crafting: - Amount of time taken to collect tools for making products increased from 4 seconds to 10 seconds. - Amount of time taken to craft products with tools increased from 4 seconds to 20 seconds - Amount of tools required to make a product increased from 1 to 2. Advertisement: - Changed the name appearing on the posted ad from steam name to character first and last name. Police Dispatch: - Police dispatch command has been added. Police will use this to communicate to the public, whether that may be calling out the owner of the soon to be impounded vehicle or asking the rebels inside the territories to surrender. Rule Update: Shop robbery: - A maximum number of 3 robbers and 4 police officers are allowed to respond to a shop robbery. Talking while incapacitated: - Talking while you have fallen unconcious is strictly against the rules and it is advised that all players stop using their push to talk key as soon as they fall unconcious.
  10. sit o fill whitelist application


  11. Implementations: Clothing and Accessories management: - Added a new menu through which players can control their clothes and accessories, It has a user-friendly UI interface which can be opened by holding "U". Toko-Voip: - Updated the Toko-Voip script to the latest version. You can download the latest version through the following link - Link : https://github.com/Itokoyamato/TokoVOIP_TS3/releases/download/v1.5.4/tokovoip-1.5.4.ts3_plugin. - Make sure that your Teamspeak is closed while installing the plugin. Radio: - A new and improved radio has been added to replace the old one. - This radio will only be accessable through the physical item "Radio" which can be bought through superstores just like the "Phone". - The radio consists of frequency channels 1 to 99 in which 1 to 10 are encrypted for Police and EMS, while channels above them are all open for the general public. - Users can also tune in frequencies such as e.g : 60.15, 72.425, 22.25124 etc. If you wish the close the radio, you have to click the top left knob and it will turn off the radio. Inventory HUD: - Updated the old inventory system to a newer one with features such as, a better design and the ability to see the current weight of a player. Advertisement: - Players can now use the "/ad" command to put up an ad for 500$, which would be deducted from the player's bank account. - The command will go on a 5 minutes cooldown after the last usage. Bug Fixes: Hospital Bed: - Fixed a bug where the camera would freeze after checking in for injuries at the hospital. Looting Bodies: - Fixed a looting bug where the player would be unable to loot items from the dead bodies. Phone: - Fixed a bug where players would be unable to hear others over a phone call, Use the 'CAPSLOCK' key to talk over the phone just like talking over the Radio. Safe Locker: - Safe lockers are now working as they should. Moreover, they are considered as a primary method of storing items, so it is a good idea to use them as you will not be compensated for losing stored items in vehicle inventories over server restarts, store items in your vehicles upon your own risk. Handcuffs: - Fixed not being able to loot players for items after cuffing and searching them. Known Bugs: Multiple Characters: - As of now, multiple characters are not working and players should only use their primary characters. Changes: Custom Shop Businesses: - Changed the health of Safe locker from 2000 to 5000, It will take a lot more bullets to break the locker now. - Increased the amount of money you steal from the shops from 15% to 40% of the total amount available at the shop. - Increased the time it takes to order Shipment from 1 hour to 2 hours. Decreased the time between shop robberies from 6 hours to 3 hours. Looting Bodies: - Removed "weapons" from the loot chart of dead bodies. House Robberies: - Increased the amount of time required to lockpick into a House from 45 to 60 seconds. - Increased the amount of time required to look through each drawer from 10 seconds to 15 seconds. Impound: - Decreased the retrieval cost of vehicles from Impound from 10,000 to 5,000. - Time required to wait before being able to release your vehicle from the impound lot increased from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Fuel System: - Revamped the Fuel usage by vehicles based on their RPM status, Less fuel will be consumed by vehicles now. - Increased the amount of money required to refill the gas tank from 50$ to 75$. - Jerrycan price increased from 200$ to 250$.
  12. Zon i need to be whitelisted i play 5 to 6  hours a day only roleplay please i need to be white listed

  13. Implementations Housing system: Players would have to contact a Real estate agent in-game and in roleplay to buy a house of their choice, the houses will have 4 different interiors which will vary depending on the area you buy the house in, players will also have a choice of buying a house without a garage or with one. The housing system will have its own furnishing system through which players would be able to furnish their houses. Impound lot: Player vehicles will get impounded by Police if they are found being used in any illegal activities or are found stranded in the middle of the city. Players will have to wait 60 minutes and pay a fine after which they'll be able to retrieve their vehicles from the Impound lot. Purchasable Shops: Players will now be able to buy any of the available shops throughout the map as a business. Players upon buying will have an option to name their shop to whatever they want, stock their shop with items and set a selling price which will further be bought by the general public. Police MDT: LSPD will now have access to a Police MDT, they'll be able to utilize it to keep track on civilian offenses, put out a BOLO on vehicles and in general keep a track on the criminal activities. As this implementation only concerns LSPD, they'll be given the details about it by their Faction management. Inventory system: Reverted back to a simpler Inventory system with a much more reliable and bug free interface. Player safes: Players will now be able to use Safe locker as their primary storage system. They can be placed anywhere in the map with the exception of Safezones, Hospital, Police station, Player owned businesses such as Cardealers and Mechanics. These lockers could also be placed within the new housing system. Players will lose all the contents of the locker if they pick it up before removing all of its contents, so be vary of it. These lockers will also be able to get cracked via a safe cracking mini-game. Players will have to learn the method to cracking this safe in-game through roleplay from staff members. Police alerts: Added an alert system that notifies Police when ever someone shoots a gun or steals a vehicle. The area will be marked on the map for a brief duration following a pop-up notifcation in the top-right corner. Phone: Added a new phone which will only be accessible by players if they have the physical item "phone" in their inventory. Looting corpses: Players will now be able to loot dead corpses for their valuables. This does not mean that players should avoid giving their subjects any time to comply to their demands, Strict actions will be taken against those who act trigger happy and avoid giving the subject enough time to comply. Changes Gang caps: Introducing a Gang cap of up to 8 concurrent players of a single gang in a single situation. No more than 8 players of a single gang will be allowed to participate in a given situation, any gang member found involving himself and breaking the player cap of 8 gang members in a situation, will be punished. This means that the gang can have as many players as they want in the server, but they cannot and will not have more than 8 players in a single situation. After a situation contains up to 8 players of a gang, the remaining players will have to leave the area immediately and if they are found lingering around that area, giving information over Teamspeak to their fellow 8 gang members involved in the situation, they will surely be punished severely and the gang will also face major consequences. Weapons: Only pistols and shotguns will be available for players to use in-game, All high-caliber and automatic weapons have been removed for now. Helmets: Helmets are no longer allowed. No player is allowed to use any sort of armored helmet in-game. Jail Bailing: Increased the amount of money required to bail a prisoned player by 200%. There are many other updates that we've been working on these past few months all of which cannot be implemented all together as they would be hard to manage with all these new changes and become hard for the community to adapt to. We'll be slowly implementing these updates and changes slowly and gradually as the server progresses through the wiped state for the first couple of weeks. Players may come across a couple of bugs due to this whole rework of the framework and with all these new updates in action, they are kindly requested to report them to the staff team so they can be worked on as soon as possible.

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