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  1. just like the process where people call a taxi for transportation but later on, after some twists, they end up talking straight about illegal Stuff. This is the RP i love and enjoy the most and this is the reason I want to be a taxi driver. How long have you been roleplaying? I have been roleplaying for about 1700+hours and only on project x Do you have a driver's license? yes I do have a driving license of every mean of transportation within the city
  2. Sir I want to enter sherrif department because I think I can make a lot of improvements in it. Also I am playing in project x server for 2 months and well aware of rules.
  3. In-game name Lolboi Steam hex ID ahmed_hunter07 Date you were banned: 10/12/2020 Ban Duration don't know Name of staff member that banned you: Tareen Why do you tink you were banned I was messing with people and hitting them with car . Why should we reconsider your ban: I apologize for my mistake I thought it would be like other servers andalso i was not aware of rules .
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