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  1. Your In-game name [Khaddim] Ender Steam3 ID (Hex) 1100001402a31ac (Hex) Date and time of the incident 20/11/2020 Time : 10:30 Link to the accepted player report(If any) No Link to any available evidence - SS : Items lost Pistol , Handcuff , 19 Bread , 22 water
  2. Reason for leaving LSPD ? The Most Common and Important Reason That i have lefted PD , Because it was getting bored day by day , and i have nothing to do , i wanted to spend some time in Civilian RP , because most of my time i spended was my LSPD , All The day so it gets bored 1 time. Why are you applying for law enforcement again ? First of All , I didnt like city side , The main Head Quarter and Office LSSD is Based on Country Side , LSPD Watches City Side Crimes , and i wanted the peoples who makes cocaine , meth , weed i wanted to catch them , and finish this crimes and robberies from Country side too and also i like LSSD because its HQ is out of City , and out of city people makes drugs etc.
  3. In-game name [Khaddim] Ender Steam hex ID 1100001402a31ac (Hex) Your age 17 Country and Time zone Pakistan GMT+5 Gender Male How many hours have you played on Project X as a member of the LSPD? 350 Hours What was your last rank in the LSPD? Senior Officer Have you ever had an admin punishment with this, or any character on ProjectX? If yes, please explain: Yes , i was new in the server , i didnt know about Combat Storing , i just actually stored my car in the garage , i got punished by an admin on breaking this rule. What experience do you have that could be valuable to the department? (Minimum 75 Words) This is my first Pakistani Server , i have played in other servers too but enjoyed in this , I know about Handling the situations , i know about every rule in Roleplay , i have good aim in shooting , i will try my best to stop robberies and drugs faction in this city , i will keep the following rules when i will be a cop : 1- I will strict the civilians those who drives at 30-40 + Speed on streets. 2- I will obey the rules that is given from my senior Sherif Officers. 3- i will try to give much time to Police and see different situtions and daily reports or problems of civilians. What would you say is the most valuable trait that you possess? Please explain how that could benefit the LSSD (75 Words) The most valuable trait that i posses is my shooting and fighting skills , This is a Roleplay server and i personally think that some officers don't do that so if i get accepted in Sherif Department i will try my best to fill the requirements that Sherif Wants me too , Also i am confident about my Aim and Shooting Skills so i can also benifit police department in combating situations like raiding on different RDM Zones like cocaine , moneywash etc , i have also good negotiation skills and know how to cool down situations. What core appointments have you held in the LSPD? (If any) Combat Skills + Way of Talking To Other Civilians + Driving Skills. By posting this application I agree by the terms of use of my data by the LSSD. I understand that not fulfilling my application process can lead to me being blacklisted from the LSSD. Yes
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