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  1. Name Arham Atif Age 16 Why do you want to be a taxi driver? I want to be a taxi diver because I love to travel. Being a taxi driver will allow me to discover locations of the city that I didn't know even existed and an added benefit is that I get to meet awesome people while doing a job that I love. It may seem pathetic but it is my dream to be a taxi driver and I would be very grateful if I get the opportunity to do so. Also the reason why I chose to enroll in this city is that I have been observing that there is a lack of taxi workers, as I see a lot of citizens looking for a taxi but are unsuccessful to do so because the drivers are either sleeping or on their day off, and I think I would be able to fix this problem or at least be a part of the solution. I will be a very committed driver and I will comply with the demands of my clients if they are realistic and reasonable, and I will also try to give customers an enjoyable ride. Again, I would be extremely grateful to become a taxi driver in this city. Thank you for your attention. How long have you been roleplaying? More than 700 hours on ProjectX. Do you have a driver's license? Yes, I have a driving license and I am a very experienced driver since I got it years ago.
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